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We are a mother and daughter team who love working (and hiking) together. It all started in 2016 when Dallas, my daughter, suggested I start up my photography business again. After taking a big break from photography so I could raise my children, I felt this could be fun again. To be honest, at the time when my children were so little and so precious, I much preferred spending time with my little family than the long hours of editing with my computer. 


Now these two children are all grown up and I have the privilege of having Dallas join me as my second shooter for most of my wedding days. I love working with her and we work well together. She is my time manager, my reflector, my flash, my equipment carrier. She is my dress fluffer and my detail specialist, my everything I need on a wedding day. She knows what piece of equipment I need and when I need it! She shoots at amazing angles, always giving me the room to get the best shots. I don't know how much longer I will have her as part of my team but for now I will be thankful for every wedding she is able to work alongside.  

I'm just an ordinary woman, grew up in a small town where everyone knew everyone and where I met the love of my life! He is my best friend, the one who makes me laugh, keeps me grounded, supports me, and loves me unconditionally, like seriously, even the days when I'm at my ugliest. Our wedding day, still remains to be one of my 'best day ever' days and I actually have my wedding dress hanging on the wall at my bedside to remind me of the day I was married to the man whom I love more than any other human on earth. 

Lead Shooter


I LOVE MY KIDS! They are my heart and soul and I have given my life to raising, teaching and loving them in the best way I knew how, and that wasn't always pretty either, as I struggled through the lessons of motherhood, some days good and some days not so good. They are grown now and I am thankful for the young adults they are becoming and forever thankful for every single moment we can still spend together.

I am also a huge dog lover, Mastiffs being one of my favourites. I could drink iced coffee all day, every day, but I won't because I love my sleep even more.  I am an early riser, like 6am my feet hit the floor. I start my day with Jesus and some coffee and if I could get those birds to sing in my tree year-round, I'd be the happiest girl in the world. All time favourite thing to do is HIKING... love breathing in that cool mountain air, surrounded by God's amazing creation, taking in the incredible views from the top of the world (of course, I take pictures)  and enjoying the deep conversations with whomever I'm hiking with.


Second Shooter


Dallas, also known as DJ is actually my daughter, however, she's also one of my best friends!  Mature beyond her years, she is one of my favourite people to hang out with! 

She has a pretty serious expression, and I know there is a saying for it, but I'll just say its often mistaken as an unfriendly expression ;)

She really is a happy person though, loves Jesus, loves little kids and has a heart for the forgotten. 


She works hard and has a lot going on these days, busy with her University Degrees, enjoying her work at the hospital, involved with her group at the church, and hiking every chance she gets, she may not make it out to as many weddings as I would like her to, but she truly is the best second shooter/assistant I could ever ask for!


So there really is only one more person and I may as well introduce him... Will... he is the life of our party, he makes us laugh, he is witty and always chatting, he keeps the good vibes going and I can't imagine life without him. I have tried to convince him to join our team, we sure could use that muscle to carry around the equipment but he always seems to have many other plans, maybe someday ;)

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